Bullieverse Bulletin— February 2023

6 min readMar 6, 2023

3-D Bears reveal
Unprecedented numbers on social
Beach Shack Wednesdays catching momentum
Amazon Active Startups Program Induction
Trending on Opensea in the games category

Gm Bullievers,

As we step into March, we first wanted to discuss the aspect of our Bullieverse universe that is indispensable.

The engine of our Bullieverse ecosystem that propels our vision forward every day. Our Community.

It has been a month where we have had some exciting initiatives for the community coupled with setting up a base for growth initiatives, waiting to go berserk in the next few weeks.

One-For-All! All For One!

Gaining Momentum

Beach Shack Wednesdays was a new gambit we ventured into this 2023. It is only right that we start with updates on its effectiveness and running this past month and what you can expect from these in the next month.

Starting with effectiveness, we are starting to gain momentum in terms of new people attending this Twitter Spaces event. Though all of them have not been present in one Beach Shack, the community is starting to warm up to these virtual get-togethers, increasing the strength of the community. Adding to quality, the numbers are also on the rise in terms of attendance. So, we are on the right path as far as Beach Shack Wednesdays are concerned. Yet another positive indicator of a strong community. If you have missed the past month’s Beach Shack Wednesdays, click on the respective links below.

  1. Beach Shack Wednesdays — Episode 8
  2. Beach Shack Wednesdays — Episode 7
  3. Beach Shack Wednesdays — Episode 6

In these virtual get-togethers, you might be able to glean some insider news from our team. So, be on the lookout for these Beach Shack Wednesdays announcements on our Twitter handle.

Adrenaline Rush!

Moving on from Beach Shack Wednesday, we have started to increase the number of tournaments in a bid to grow and create more lore. A byproduct of this, one that is advantageous to the community, prizes. Over the past month of February, across 3 tournaments, 250 new Barbearians were won by the community owing to immaculate play.

The rise in the number of winners and participation in these tournaments have been on the increase every time, a true testament to our growing strength in quality and numbers. With dazzling games lined up in the pipeline and blockbuster announcements in the queue for 2023, the ride is going to be absolutely swashbuckling.

Consistency always pays dividends!

Here is the thing. There are big rave announcements and initiatives that make you want to be a part of it instantly and then there are regular, not-so-flamboyant activities that go under the radar. While the flamboyant initiatives bring about a sense of thrill and expectation, the regular consistent activities are the ones that create a foundation for growth and the regular Twitch streams on Tuesdays and Thursdays are one such thing. Tyler, our Community Head has been holding fort on this end ensuring we are consistent with our updates on Twitch, enabling anyone to view our game online. Irrespective of the circumstance, and the number of people tuning in, this act keeps going, as we believe this is a move in the right direction. Subscribe to our Twitch streams to be up-to-date on game developments and ahead of the curve on new changes.

Delivering in style!

We are usually a grounded team that does not create raucous hype unless warranted.

But one thing we are seriously hyped about is the 3-D models for the Bears that we are coming up with. With a plethora of Bears and us being spoiled for choices as to which one to showcase first, we let the community do the problematic choice of voting on which ones to convert first. You will be seeing the Radioactive, Magma and Muscle Furs Bears being converted to 3-D and boy they will be worth all the wait and noise.

To give you a glimpse, click this link of Magmarok absolutely slaying it.

Tech Updates

The development team has been going about their job, as usual, this February. Creating Bear 3-D models with 80% traits, distribution of Fatal First Badge in lieu of the Preberation competition, rebuilding ceiling spike trap puzzle from Bear Hunt etc.

They have been diligently working towards magnum opus game launches, bug fixes, and blockchain integrations consistently, ensuring the engine keeps running for us.

To know more about their exploits, click the link.

Compass Trails

We already gave a spoiler for you folks at the beginning of this article as far as growth initiatives are concerned.

The past month was about setting up a solid foundation for the upcoming weeks. The reason why we took slow steps on this front is that the partnerships we are looking to forge are huge and we would much rather get it right as opposed to rush it. You will be amazed at the host of things that are brewing from a growth vantage. Keep an eye out from our communications team, for smashing announcements in the days to come, similar to the Amazon Active Startup Program we just got inducted into.

Adding to the above, we were trending on Opensea during February in the gaming section and truth be told, we were not surprised one bit. We have always put the community in front and we know for a fact we will succeed as we trust our processes and ethos. Finally, we also had our highest-ever reach on socials the past month as months of hard work, passion and dedication from our communications team are starting to bear fruit.

We have reached the end of this month’s updates. Similar to the previous Bulletin, we are finishing this one knowing very well, we are in better stead than where we were at the same time the past month.

Growing with increasing strides.

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