Monthly Dev Update — February 2023

3 min readMar 6, 2023

3-D Barbearian NFT integration
Fatal First Badge for Prebeartion Competition
Teleport Effect changes
Player progression breakdown
Weapon scaling

GM, Bullievers

Unless you are living in the stone age, you must have noticed that our gameplay experience is getting sicker by the month. As we are marching into 2023, the development team has been punching in the codes and debugging those missing semicolons with more vigour and enthusiasm.

February was also a month of hustle and bustle similar to the previous months. Here is another laundry list of development updates for you folks to consume and comprehend.

Grab your 3-D Lens!
Anyone who has a Barbearian NFT is going to be licking their lips in the next few weeks. We have successfully finished creating 80% of bear traits and 100% of bear 3-D models.

FOMO Alert! Fatal First Badge!
We successfully distributed the first set of Fatal First badges. These badge holders will be allowed to join the Prebeartion competition, more gameplay time, more killings and more rewards in the universe.

Now you can view your progression after each match. Yes! We have completed building the player progression breakdown after each match.

Target Locked!
The wicked grenade launcher can be used to have headshots against your foe.

Now that we are discussing headshots, we have also added charger headshot capability. While heads exploded and points were garnered during the same, it did not stop your enemies from going through the ritual of explosion animation and effect. This changes going forward.

More Time to Loot!
The loot goblins are going to enjoy more game time as we have increased the loot goblin time by 2 seconds from when they appear to when they disappear.

Teleporting just got slicker!
We have enhanced features around AI teleporting and pathing. Playing the game will be more sumptuous with these enthralling updates.

Automating for the better!
The nerds from the engineering team are working on contracts for automatic game reward allocation along with additional features such as pay to join competitions. We are not very far away from the days of paid competitions and bigger rewards.

Tilting the balance!
Considering we have to keep the scales balanced, we have done a couple of things for the enemies. We have removed the ability to see special portals from beacon view & have created additional spawn points in dark forest maps to increase enemy spawn capability.

Just Another Day in the office!
The development and engineering teams had their usual month in the office along with the slew of big updates mentioned above.Them being, adding controller support for settings menu, bear character selection addon in the wardrobe, adjusting shop ammo yield numbers to reflect purchase amount accurately along with OnMeta Onramp bug fixes and launches to the public. Furthermore, the following changes were made to ensure quality experience,

  1. When enemies teleport, you will witness the teleport effect.
  2. You will be able to view guidelines to shop from the shipping build and on all FPS types.
  3. The camera view when moving from wardrobe to other menus is now more refined.
  4. Fixed the feature of Charger no despawning resulting in level progress halts.
  5. Weapons might look different as we have resized weapon scaling.
  6. Unlimited ammo pickup will act as intended from here on as we have streamlined the codes around it for the better.
  7. At times, weapon box item labels threw a few pleasant surprises at people and us, when the right weapons were not inside. We have fixed this aspect, weapon box item labels will reflect the right weapons now.
  8. That glistening green orb won’t follow you into the shop area when purchasing items.
  9. Working on new game launcher enhancements.
  10. Finally, a bug where the player FOV was getting reset after using the portal.

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