Why you should HODL Bull NFTs

by Arun Krishnakumar

Are you a hodler or a flipper? It may not matter when the market is going up in a linear fashion, but as it pauses, looks around and introspects itself, diamond hands that have conviction tend to do better. That is true across markets and asset classes. It is most certainly true in a budding market segment like NFT where the ‘time in the market’ is as important as ‘timing the market’.

In the crypto space, I have generally been a believer in ETH more so than BTC. While I agree that BTC is “mathematical purity” as Steve Wozniak puts it, I do not have the conviction there as I do with ETH and other smart contract platforms. I look at the NFT market through the same lens. Perhaps I am outdated and not a qualified degen, but the NFT market displays traits of both BTC and ETH.

Some NFT collections like Crypto Punk have minimal utility as Twitter DPs, and have ‘got there’ just because of the community. Therefore, they behave like the BTC of the NFT world. On the other hand, we have NFTs that have utility. Be it FLUF World or Bullieverse, NFTs derive their value from the utility as much as community demand. This makes them behave like the ETH of the NFT world.

One of the founding principles of Bullieverse has been to ensure long lasting utility of our NFTs. We have developed an NFT roadmap, that will not only ensure that NFT value accrues as a function of time, but also keep floor price volatility low. NFT’s are valuable for a number of reasons,

  • NFT becomes your identity
  • NFT holders generate passive income
  • NFT offers privileges with other asset sales (If NFT is Metaverse related)
  • Access/Options to new NFT mint
  • Acts as a gateway to Play2Earn.

You would be hard pressed to find a Metaverse platform or an NFT collection that does all the above. At Bullieverse, we have all of the above embedded into our NFT properties and roadmap to ensure we protect and remunerate our NFT holders.

We have also created a simple infographic that touches upon the above points. Let me double click into the specifics, but before that, please note that, this is an indicative roadmap. While we make all efforts to get there, we may have to accomodate some tweaks to the milestones if they were in the best interest of the platform or the community.

  • Bull NFT holders can earn a Bear NFT by winning our Bear Hunt game — I myself can’t wait to get in there.
  • Only Bull NFT holders will be able to tap into the Play and earn ecosystem on Bullieverse. Non-NFT holders can visit the platform, and play, but will not be able to earn. Also, check out the section in ourWhitepaper here that describes the earning mechanism in more mathematical detail. WARNING: Don’t bother if you are like me and maths is not your thing.
  • The more the number of Bull NFTs you hold, the more you will be able earn by playing our games.
  • The rarer your Bull NFTs are, the more you will be able to earn by playing our games.
  • We are working with several partners through whom we will facilitate renting of our NFTs, and as a result achieve passive income to the holders.
  • Land and Game portals on Bullieverse Island are being launched in Q2, and Genesis bull NFT holders will have early access and options too.
  • We have a suite of NFT collections (after the Bulls and the Bears) that will be launching in alignment with our product roadmap — Genesis bull holders will have early access and options during these NFT launches. We have several surprises here waiting to be announced — so watch this space.

In essence, if you are a flipper, then you may want to time your flip based on our roadmap. However, if you have diamond hands, then the Bulls won’t disappoint you. This is just the beginning, and the only way is up! This is definitely not financial advise though.



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