Warpstone Sale 3: Upgrade Your Identity in the Bullieverse

2 min readJun 30, 2023

Bullieverse is thrilled to announce an exciting event that’s about to take place. This event will give all of our community members the opportunity to further upgrade their stake in the Bullieverse — the Warpstone Sale 3.

What’s Happening?

A total of 1,000 Warpstones are up for grabs. Each member of the Bullieverse community will have the chance to purchase one Warpstone for each COBI Bull staked.

Upgraded COBI Bull NFT

Warpstones harness the ability to upgrade your COBI Bull NFT’s look to a premium artstyle that will take the Bullieverse brand to new heights. See for yourself:

When and Where?

The sale began earlier today on the 30th of June, beginning promptly at 2:00 PM UTC, and Warpstones are already flying off the shelves.

The Warpstones are available for purchase directly from our Beach Shack Store, accessible here: https://bullieverse.com/beachshack/store/products.

How Much?

The price for each Warpstone is set at 12,000 Corals. This is an investment into the heart of our community, an opportunity to broaden your influence and stake within the Bullieverse.

Why Participate?

Owning Warpstones is not merely an opportunity to make some quick $BULL, but a guarantee to enhance the look and feel of your Bullieverse identity. The upgraded art provides a premium feel that is unmatched in the space.

The Warpstone Sale 3 represents not just a sale, but an invitation to each one of our community members to embrace the potential of the Bullieverse, to contribute to its growth, and to become an active participant in its future.

As the Bullieverse continues to expand and evolve, we hope you’ll take this opportunity to deepen your stake in our shared open metaverse.

About Bullieverse

Bullieverse is a Web3 Native Entertainment brand with omnichannel experiences like Gaming, AR/VR, and Art, with an ever-expanding gaming ecosystem where members of the community can play various games built on Unreal Engine alone, with friends, or against others in PvP to win incredible prizes and NFT rewards.

Two titles are currently live, Bearhunt and Necrodemic — A free-to-play survival game built on the Unreal engine 5.1. Currently in beta testing with 3000 participants.

For more information, updates, and to join in the conversation, don’t hesitate to get involved with our community on Discord and Twitter. We’re excited for what’s ahead and we’re glad you’re with us for this exciting journey into the heart of the Bullieverse:

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Bullieverse is an Open Metaverse where NFTs come to life through an immersive gaming experience built on Unreal engine. (https://bullieverse.com)