Monthly Dev Update — March 2023

4 min readApr 3, 2023

Trading COBI NFTs in our marketplace
Bull staking & Rewards Mechanism
Multiplayer Experience
Wearables update
Amazon GameLift Experiments
and more…



We are in March already. The months are flying as fast as our development and engineering teams shipping new features & products. As we keep piling on the momentum, we are well on our way towards meeting our quarterly goals.

Starting with the biggest Engineering update

New-Tickers! Bell Rings!
Folks can trade Bull & Bear NFTs through our marketplace. We successfully integrated the trading of our flagship COBI NFTs into our marquee commerce engine(Marketplace).

Barbearian in the marketplace!
We have added an additional filter for non-hibernating bears, ensuring listing only after hibernation.

Level-Up is around the corner!
If you are someone who frequents our website, you would have surely noticed a new tab on our website. The Deploy Bulls section will be available to the greater population of the COBI community.

The fun is just starting.

This essentially means the dawn of a new era in our ecosystem as we will be able to kick-start Bull staking and rewards mechanisms for diverse activities in our universe.

The multiplayer experience is not far away!
We are currently amid another key milestone. We have started testing out several multiplayer features such as player revives, grenade action et al.

Incentivising assets in wallets!
Going forward, any wearable can only be used by players who have their assets linked to their wallet. More loyalty, more rewards.

Sizzling special items and wearables!
Besides the weapon loading UI, you will have started to see another section. This section will give access to special clothing for those who have it.

Defending from the heights!
Considering the GDC conference is one of the most intriguing networking events for us Web3 Gaming & NFT folks, we created a riveting tower defense survival mode for the same. Truly a stellar eye-catching experience for audiences of GDC.

Those Hooves will glisten more!
Going forward, all hoof textures will apply when selecting NFTs with hoof traits. Yet another quality NFT addition for all of you.

Sticky Nicky Powerup!
Be wary of Sticky Nicky if you survive for more than 2 minutes in round 30. He will be deadlier with an additional ability to kill players.

Testing the waters with Amazon GameLift!
You already know by now that we have been inducted into an elite cohort with the Amazon Active Startups Program. We are starting to use the Amazon suite to scale our game servers through their solutions for Game Development.

Wearables Galore!
Wearables are to a gamer what a weapon is to a soldier. We had a couple of important changes to wearables and allied features this March.

  1. Debugging to ensure the default character is not replacing the NFT character while sporting a full-body wearable.
  2. Ensuring full body “Wearable” items & FullBody “NFT” items remove default wearable pants as well as other wearable pants and vice-versa.

In conjunction with the above-mentioned big development and engineering updates, we did a slew of things that will affect game play experience. Them being,

  1. Changing Sticky Nicky’s interrupt explosions to red from white when it drops ammo. This will make it look sicker.
  2. Removing all possibilities for enemies to get stuck/exploited by a player. This will help even the field.
  3. Ensuring enemy spawn rates & difficulty are competitive enough for each level.
  4. The other changes in the gameplay for balancing out the field are, earning potential changes, shop prices/ecosystem levelling, perk effectiveness, improved audio quality of life, Balanced pickup drop rates, and balanced weapon damage/effectiveness.
  5. Along with the balancing act, we also removed a few minor glitches based on feedback from the ecosystem, them being, resolution scaling reset, stopping round 30 from starting new rounds, ensuring unowned pants not showing up in the game, fixing main-menu access after initial usage, closing open holes in walls.

About Bullieverse
Bullieverse is an Open Metaverse where NFTs come to life through an immersive gaming experience built on the Unreal engine. This ecosystem is rapidly expanding, with new players joining the community and new games being created with in-game assets & fair incentives aligned alongside Web3 ethos. Through Bullieverse DAO, Bullieverse will progressively decentralize to become a community-owned metaverse governed by the $Bull token holders.

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Bullieverse is an Open Metaverse where NFTs come to life through an immersive gaming experience built on Unreal engine. (