June 2023 Bullieverse Team Blog: Game On, Hot Bull Summer & More!

4 min readJul 5, 2023

Greetings, Bullievers!

It’s time again to give you a dose of our monthly updates. In this edition, we cover the exciting developments from our Game Production, Development, Design and Community teams. So let’s jump straight in!

Game Production Team Update

In June, our Game Production team has been heads down, streamlining gameplay, fixing bugs, and deploying new features for both Necrodemic and Bull Run.


In Necrodemic, we’ve made key improvements. These include disabling the ALT look during air time, revising the settings layout to accommodate text, restricting downed players to use only pistols, and removing the ability for players to use RMB during ALT look. For Bull Run, we fixed the wardrobe system.


Necrodemic now boasts the Diamond Katana and Laser sword in the loadout, a Grenade loadout based on character unlocks, a “create lobby” invitation system that includes the capability to adjust wardrobe in real time during multiplayer sessions, and an apex slide ability (press C while sprinting).

In Bull Run, we’ve made substantial additions and alterations including adjusting the Bull Run level to a figure eight infinite pattern, dynamic scenery, road blockers/obstacles, a magnet pickup, an underground cave section, and many more.


We’ve adjusted the look sensitivity for controllers in Necrodemic by reducing it by 40%. Meanwhile, in Bull Run, we’ve removed enemy AI and switched from a 4-lane system to a 3-lane system, providing a more focused and challenging gameplay experience.

Development Team Update

The Dev team has accomplished several crucial tasks in June.

Now, all Avatars, including staked Bulls, can be showcased on our website for any wallet, even without login.

We’ve optimized and enhanced Diamond Militia tweets processing.

The functionality to equip Coral Store items to Bulls is complete, including a new Smart contract, animation and UC Design, and Integration and Validation.

Design Team Update

The Design team has been working behind the scenes on numerous exciting releases that are sure to delight and surprise. We’re not spoiling the fun just yet, but stay tuned!

Community Team Update

Welcome to Hot Bull Summer 2023! This season is all about fun games, giveaways, and unforgettable experiences with the community. Keep an eye out for interactive experiences and fresh HBS content all summer long!

We’ve got weekly community Discord games/hangouts to win prizes and bond with the community. These include Discord Rumble with Lebull James on Mondays, Discord Games with NF_Tcaff on Tuesdays, Beach Shack Wednesday Twitter Spaces, Gartic with Tog, Twitch Live and Bullieverse Bingo on Thursdays, and Gartic in Discord with Beskar on Fridays.

Community Engagement & Partnerships:

We have actively engaged with our community through numerous events, games, and giveaways. The Laser Sword NFT and two Warpstone sales were notable successes, with both selling out in minutes. Our confirmed partnerships with industry leaders present exciting opportunities for synergistic growth.

Acquisition of Beyond Gaming Guild: We acquired one of the fastest-growing gaming guilds in India, Beyond Gaming Guild, rebranding it as Bullieverse India. This strategic move allows us to leverage their local presence and expertise as we work together to establish a strong brand presence in the Indian gaming industry.

Partnership with OG Club: We’ve formed a strategic partnership with OG Club, an inclusive web3 community in India, to drive the growth and adoption of web3 gaming in India, paving the way for a new era of interactive and decentralized gaming experiences.

Collaboration with Blockchained India: We’ve joined forces with Blockchained India to enhance web3 gaming in the country. We’re working together on a pan-India survey of web3 gamers to gather insights and data about the preferences, behaviors, and needs of web3 gamers across different regions in India.

Partnership with HYD DAO: We’ve partnered with local DAOs and guilds in India to create a thriving ecosystem for web3 gaming enthusiasts. This will foster innovation, knowledge-sharing, and community engagement, propelling the web3 gaming landscape in India to new heights.

That’s it for our June updates, Bullievers. We’re grateful for your continued support and enthusiasm as we work to bring you the best in gaming and community engagement. WAGMI and see you in July!

About Bullieverse

Bullieverse is a Web3 Native Entertainment brand with omnichannel experiences like Gaming, AR/VR, and Art, with an ever-expanding gaming ecosystem where members of the community can play various games built on Unreal Engine alone, with friends, or against others in PvP to win incredible prizes and NFT rewards.

Two titles are currently live, Bearhunt and Necrodemic — A free-to-play survival game built on the Unreal engine 5.1. Currently in beta testing with 3000 participants.

For more information, updates, and to join in the conversation, don’t hesitate to get involved with our community on Discord and Twitter. We’re excited for what’s ahead and we’re glad you’re with us for this exciting journey into the heart of the Bullieverse:

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