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Dear Bullievers

The previous quarter went by as quickly as our patrons minted their bear NFTs on the newly launched bear hunt game. Yes, not-so-subtle plug!


What is this article about? Well, the long and short of it is that we are taking yet another step towards our vision of a transparent and fair metaverse. In that regard, effective July 2022, we will share a detailed monthly update of the month that has passed by to keep all of you aware of important milestones, events, and decisions. It is a step towards enabling the community to always be ‘in the loop’ and facilitate informed decision-making.


How has the previous quarter been across different touchpoints?

Ready? Set? Hunt!

We started this quarter with a Beta version of the product, collated feedback from the users & worked on the input, which laid the foundation for the launch of Bear Hunt in May. We concentrated on creating a game that will give an unparalleled experience for the gamers and we were glad that these efforts paid off. We also provided badges and inferno guns to the respective folks who helped us with our vision.

May was a massive month for game development, both literally and figuratively, with the launch of the new Bear Hunt on 05/27 with a renewed gaming experience, diabolical boss bear to battle, and an exciting bear NFT to mint at the end of the game. It was a big leap toward our quest to bring NFTs to life and create a memorable Web3 Gaming experience.

The Unreal Engine game already has 2356 wallets holding COBI NFTs out of which 1816 Bears are hunted from 236 unique wallets as of 04/07/2022.

We launched the beta version of the game to a control group of sorts, sought their inputs, and reworked the overall gameplay to provide gamers with an unparalleled Web3 gaming experience by adding:

  1. Complex levels
  2. Traps, puzzles, and cognitive challenges
  3. EXP earning mechanisms
  4. Sound effects, textures, UI, and HUD
  5. Charge attack to the base weapon
  6. Counterattack shield mechanics
  7. Controller support for those who prefer the joystick to a mouse-keyboard
  8. Grand Finale Fight with the Boss Bear

Code. Code. Code.

Game Engineering team be like!

Engineering witnessed three critical updates in terms of NFT claiming and integrations with larger ecosystems to enable a fair metaverse.

Major Updates:

  1. Random Quadbike drop for all bull NFT holders using chainlink VRF
  2. Chainlink integration to randomize play to mint Bear NFT Rewards
  3. Creating the entire Bear NFT claim and Mint process. (Sleepless nights became commonplace for our Dev Team, our Batmen and Batwomen)

Minor Updates:

  1. Exploits are blocked to get under the map.
  2. Level streaming moved back to its original places to stop exploiting the second half of the map.
  3. Performance updates to assets and level areas
  4. Fixed loot chest message, escape settings, 3 Lever puzzle along with roof drop trap for a better experience.
  5. Upgraded skin/fur loading and eye texture for Bulls. The bulls look more rave.
  6. We also updated the game to ensure bears will follow the bulls if gates remain open at respective locations.

One for all. All for one.

Whatever we do, we do for the greater good. A larger purpose drives us and is at the core of our initiatives. On the community front

Our Discord community witnessed immense traction, with 5 clans fighting it out to prove their sense of community. Clans are going to be at the center of our community engagement right from discord to future games in the Metaverse. We are in the process of rolling out more features such as an easier onboarding process for more citizens, a rewards program, and some gamification elements.

The citizen of the month competition with $500 giveaways and 1/1T NFT Wearable giveaways was a rad hit, with Bullievers nominating a model citizen from the community! Gunnar took it away for May while ThePolkaDotBullyGang was our model citizen for June.

Drinks are overdue from both of them!

Warp speed ahead!

Marketing and growth are our propellers to growth. Here’s what we achieved on the Marketing and Sales front:

  1. April was a funny month. While the markets were not so kind to the crypto domain, we were approached by a few investors keen on investing in our product. This shows our strength as a community and the confidence folks have in us. We also had diverse talent across verticals such as design, product management, and tech, join our team. More the people, the faster the march towards the vision.
  2. Next up in April, was the Non-Fungible Conference in Lisbon. We had our Chief Growth Officer, Arunkumar Krishnakumar delivering a talk on NFT, GameFi & Metaverse.
  3. With the launch of Bear Hunt, in May, we had two critical integrations that were picked up across diverse news platforms in the Web3 and Web2 world in May. Chainlink integration and the launch of the game garnered PR.
  4. We had several campaigns throughout the month of May focused on the launch of Bear Hunt. With giveaways and gameplay experience videos, there was active participation from the community.
  5. Our twitter spaces with the Merit Circle CEO and other Web3 experts and connoisseurs harvested great insights and contexts for furthering the gameplay metaverse.
  6. Finally, we have also partnered with Beyond Gaming guild to enable gamers to mint bear NFTs. Hit us up, should you need help in this regard.

Now to the icing on the cake…

We warmed up to the Big Apple with the NFT.NYC conference. The conference was a spectacle.

Pride swelling! Times Square billboard activation

A year ago, if someone had told us we will be on the Times Square billboard, we would have chuckled. But here we were, seeing our Bulls on one of the most decorated Ad spaces in the world. We also ran a social media contest around this activation. Once again, kudos to ThePolkaDotBullyGang for winning this too. (By the looks of things, he ain’t leaving anything to nobody)

Hudson River & New York Skyline View

We hosted a Yacht party along with our partners Galaxy Fight Club. We reserved spots for our community members for one of a kind experience in the yacht that had important stakeholders from the Web3 community. Some drinks, a view of the New York skyline, networking, and loads of fun. We had a gala time. Looking forward to hosting Y’all for more such swashbuckling experiences.

SuperBull Conundrums from the 21st of June!

He was meeting! He was greeting! He was all over the place!

Our mascot the SuperBull was a sight to behold at the conference. Entertaining guests across different places and setting the tone for us right from the get-go. Our super mascot lifted everyone’s spirit at the conference. He also made our Co-Founder, Srini Anala, pose for a video. (Quite some muscle you got there Cap!)

Wearing the nerd glasses!

Web2 gamers hate NFTs. But why is that the case? Our Co-Founder, Srini broke down the psyche behind Web2 gamers hating NFTs, how to attract them towards GameFi, and the way forward for the ecosystem. Mowin & Tyler from our team also got to interact in the panel.

A day that was filled with insights indeed!

And with that folks, we are wrapping up this edition of the newsletter. We know that the markets have not been kind to us, but we bullieve this community is strong enough to weather the storm and come out bulldozing on the other side. Whilst the past quarter saw an emphasis on product development, the upcoming quarter will be about tokenomics. A huge quarter, poised to lay down the foundation for creating a fully autonomous decentralized ecosystem. With the likes of leaderboard competition, rental marketplace, asset marketplace & Bull level-up updates in the pipeline, this will be a blockbuster quarter.

P.S: We have opened another office in Bengaluru!

Keep supporting us!

About Bullieverse

Bullieverse is an Open Metaverse where NFTs come to life through an immersive gaming experience built on the Unreal engine. This ecosystem is rapidly expanding, with new players joining the community, and new games being created with in-game assets & fair incentives, aligned alongside Web3 ethos. Through Bullieverse DAO, Bullieverse will progressively decentralize to become a community-owned metaverse governed by the $Bull token holders.

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Bullieverse is an Open Metaverse where NFTs come to life through an immersive gaming experience built on Unreal engine. (https://bullieverse.com)