Bullieverse — JULY 2022 Update

  1. Complex levels
  2. Traps, puzzles, and cognitive challenges
  3. EXP earning mechanisms
  4. Sound effects, textures, UI, and HUD
  5. Charge attack to the base weapon
  6. Counterattack shield mechanics
  7. Controller support for those who prefer the joystick to a mouse-keyboard
  8. Grand Finale Fight with the Boss Bear
Game Engineering team be like!
  1. Random Quadbike drop for all bull NFT holders using chainlink VRF
  2. Chainlink integration to randomize play to mint Bear NFT Rewards
  3. Creating the entire Bear NFT claim and Mint process. (Sleepless nights became commonplace for our Dev Team, our Batmen and Batwomen)
  1. Exploits are blocked to get under the map.
  2. Level streaming moved back to its original places to stop exploiting the second half of the map.
  3. Performance updates to assets and level areas
  4. Fixed loot chest message, escape settings, 3 Lever puzzle along with roof drop trap for a better experience.
  5. Upgraded skin/fur loading and eye texture for Bulls. The bulls look more rave.
  6. We also updated the game to ensure bears will follow the bulls if gates remain open at respective locations.
  1. April was a funny month. While the markets were not so kind to the crypto domain, we were approached by a few investors keen on investing in our product. This shows our strength as a community and the confidence folks have in us. We also had diverse talent across verticals such as design, product management, and tech, join our team. More the people, the faster the march towards the vision.
  2. Next up in April, was the Non-Fungible Conference in Lisbon. We had our Chief Growth Officer, Arunkumar Krishnakumar delivering a talk on NFT, GameFi & Metaverse.
  3. With the launch of Bear Hunt, in May, we had two critical integrations that were picked up across diverse news platforms in the Web3 and Web2 world in May. Chainlink integration and the launch of the game garnered PR.
  4. We had several campaigns throughout the month of May focused on the launch of Bear Hunt. With giveaways and gameplay experience videos, there was active participation from the community.
  5. Our twitter spaces with the Merit Circle CEO and other Web3 experts and connoisseurs harvested great insights and contexts for furthering the gameplay metaverse.
  6. Finally, we have also partnered with Beyond Gaming guild to enable gamers to mint bear NFTs. Hit us up, should you need help in this regard.



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Bullieverse is an Open Metaverse where NFTs come to life through an immersive gaming experience built on Unreal engine. (https://bullieverse.com)