Bullieverse Monthly Newsletter — August 2023

3 min readSep 5, 2023


Greetings Bullieverse Community!

August has been a whirlwind of innovation, community collaboration, and exciting milestones! Let’s dive right into what’s been happening in our universe.

Development Updates

Brand New Website:

We successfully launched our new website to elevate your experience and give new visitors a taste of the Bullieverse world. If you haven’t checked it already, visit : bullieverse.com

Equip NFT Functions:

We successfully deployed the Equip Functionality, enhancing interactivity for our users. This added layer promises a richer experience, so get ready to personalize your avatars like never before!

BarBearian NFT Contract:

We’ve migrated our Bear NFT Contract to the Polygon network, featuring an EIP-712 Signature-based claim. Say goodbye to hefty gas fees.

In The Pipeline:

Staking and Coral Farming contracts are in the works, aiming to boost your rewards significantly.

Game Team Updates

Bull Run:

- Optimized Wardrobe: We’ve reduced loading times by 80% and revamped the Cobi account systems.
- NFT Bears: Now spawnable in both the lobby and game modes!
- Leaderboard System: A competitive feature that rewards excellence.
- FPS Optimization: A 15% improvement in frame rates for smoother gameplay.
- Bug Fixes: Shielding, character movement, HUD, and more have been addressed.

For Necrodemic:

- New Revive System: A revamped experience for multiplayer modes.
- Mac Compatibility: Apple users, we’ve got you covered!
- Weapon Logic: Networked logic extended to various functionalities.
- New Level Design: In development to optimize performance needs.We’ve worked hard on 3D-level assets for both Bull Run and Necrodemic. Special designs are underway for upcoming community events.

Community Corner

Bullieversary #2

Bullieversary #2 was a roaring success on August 13th, marking our migration from Ethereum to Polygon. A whopping 89.5% of you voted in favor — thank you for making this possible! Exclusive Bullieversary-themed wearables have been rolled out for our VIBs (Very Important Bullievers).

Upcoming Events

  • Stay tuned for our September Community Tournament and contests
  • Q4 Roadmap

Growth and Partnerships

New horizons beckon as we’ve teamed up with over 100 Projects in Web3 and onboarded 500+ new wallets with Bear NFT launch on Polygon. Our collection launch with Magic Eden has us ranked as one of the top NFT projects on Polygon.

That’s it for this month’s Bullieverse Bulletin. As always, your unwavering support is the backbone of our success. You make Bullieverse exceptional!

About Bullieverse

Bullieverse is a Web3 Native Entertainment brand with omnichannel experiences like Gaming, AR/VR, and dope art, with an ever-expanding gaming ecosystem where members of the community can play various games built on Unreal Engine alone, with friends or against others in PvP to win incredible prizes and NFT rewards.

Two titles are live currently, Bearhunt and Necrodemic Beta — A free-to-play multiplayer survival game built on the Unreal engine 5.1.

Our new mobile casual game — “Bull Run,” is currently in Internal Alpha.

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Bullieverse is an Open Metaverse where NFTs come to life through an immersive gaming experience built on Unreal engine. (https://bullieverse.com)