Bullieverse Expands Presence in India with $BULL Listing on CoinDCX

3 min readJun 11, 2024


Bullieverse, the pioneering Onchain gaming ecosystem, is thrilled to announce the listing of its native token, $BULL, on CoinDCX, one of India’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, backed by Coinbase Ventures boasting over 14 million users. This milestone marks a significant step in Bullieverse’s strategic expansion into the rapidly growing Indian market and the broader APAC region.

CoinDCX: A Leading Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange

CoinDCX is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange in India, providing a robust platform for trading a wide range of digital assets. With its user-friendly interface, robust security measures, and compliance with local regulations, CoinDCX has onboarded over 14 million users to date. The exchange is backed by leading firms in the blockchain world, including investments from Coinbase Ventures, Polychain Capital, and BitMEX.

By enabling the native currency pair ($BULL/INR), CoinDCX ensures that Indian users can seamlessly trade and engage with the Bullieverse ecosystem without the hassle of currency conversion, making digital asset trading more accessible.

Bullieverse’s Global Accessibility

The listing of $BULL on CoinDCX aligns with Bullieverse’s mission to provide a secure, scalable, and user-friendly Web3 gaming platform that meets the needs of a global audience. By embracing the Indian market, Bullieverse taps into one of the fastest-growing digital economies as part of a larger pursuit of establishing a strong presence in the APAC region.

India: A Burgeoning Crypto and Gaming Powerhouse

According to Chainanalysis’ “The 2023 Geography of Cryptocurrency Report,” India leads the world in grassroots crypto adoption as measured by the Global Crypto Adoption Index. Even more impressively, India has become the second-largest crypto market in the world by raw estimated transaction volume, surpassing several wealthier nations, with transactions pegged at over $260 billion.

India’s gaming industry is also experiencing remarkable growth, emerging as a significant global player. According to a report by Niko Partners, India’s gaming revenue is expected to reach $6.5 billion by 2025, with a user base of over 500 million gamers. The rise of mobile gaming, esports and the increasing adoption of Web3 technologies have contributed to this rapid expansion.

The convergence of India’s thriving crypto ecosystem and its burgeoning gaming industry presents a unique opportunity for innovative platforms like Bullieverse. With its cutting-edge Web3 gaming offerings, Bullieverse is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for immersive and decentralized gaming experiences in the Indian market.

By listing its native token, $BULL, on CoinDCX, one of India’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Bullieverse is taking a significant step towards capturing a share of this rapidly evolving market. The listing not only facilitates more accessible access to the Bullieverse ecosystem for Indian gamers but also demonstrates the platform’s commitment to fostering the growth of Web3 gaming in the region.

Fostering Local Engagement

As part of the expansion, Bullieverse will also attend local events organized by CoinDCX this year. These events will foster conversations about Bullieverse, its innovative Web3 gaming offerings, and the potential of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. By engaging with the local community, Bullieverse aims to build awareness and cultivate a strong player base in India.

Bullieverse’s Journey in the APAC Region

This expansion into India is just the beginning of Bullieverse’s journey in the APAC region. The team is committed to supporting the Indian blockchain and gaming communities, fostering innovation, and contributing to the growth of the digital economy. With its unique offerings and strategic partnerships, Bullieverse is well-positioned to become a key player in the region’s burgeoning Web3 gaming ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as Bullieverse continues to expand its global reach and bring its cutting-edge Web3 gaming experiences to audiences worldwide.

About Bullieverse

Bullieverse is a thriving Web3 gaming ecosystem that blends gaming, digital art, and community governance. Launched in 2021, Bullieverse has quickly gained traction, raising over $4 million and building a vibrant community of gamers. Bullieverse is backed by prominent Web3 VCs like Okx Ventures, Fundamental Labs, Jsquare Ventures, and 6th Man Ventures.

Two titles are live currently: Bearhunt and Necrodemic, a free-to-play survival game built on Unreal Engine 5, which is currently in Beta. Our new “Bull Run” mobile game is live on the Apple App Store and Google Playstore.

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