Bullieverse Bulletin — July 2023

3 min readAug 4, 2023


GM Bullieverse Community!

July has been an exciting month here at Bullieverse. From integral game developments to dire community votes, here’s a roundup of what we’ve been up to:

Community Corner

Our Bullievers are Bullieving stronger than ever! Possibly the most newsworthy item of the month, we issued a proposal to our community on whether or not we would migrate the existing BarBearian collection from Ethereum to Polygon. Each Citizen was granted 1 vote per BarBearian owned, and the vote was a landslide: 89.5% of the vote was in favor of the migration of the entire collection which includes the existing BarBearian NFTs. The migration will occur on Bullieversary #2 (August 13th). This month we’ve handed out over 100 BarBearian NFTs in Necrodemic tournaments, Discord Games, and Twitch Streams. Plus, we held our four usual “Beach Shack Wednesday’’ Twitter Spaces, sparking lively discussions within our community. It’s been a wonderful month in the Bullieverse Community.

Development Updates

Meta-Guides :

Our Dev Team has been hard at work, making significant improvements on our Meta-Guide. We’re happy to announce the Level Up Contract Upgrade, a new Transaction Tracker and the User Experience (UX) design and implementation of the Random Meta-Guide assigning process.

Equip NFT Functions :

We’ve developed a new contract for the on-chain data of the equipped asset status. Also, we have successfully carried out the UX design flow and implemented the Equip Functionality.

BarBearian NFT Contract:

Exciting news from the Dev Team — we’ve begun working on a new Bear Contract, launching soon on the Polygon platform!

Game Team Updates

For Bull Run (our upcoming mobile game):

We are improving the movement system, optimizing the pickup generation for an endless gaming experience, and boosting performance for seamless transitions. We are also setting up the Shop UI to be ready for public launch.

For Necrodemic:

We’ve made strides in improving multiplayer connectivity. We’re working on a new map with improved visuals, fully functional shops, and round functionality and fixing bugs with the portals.

Design Team Highlights

In design, we’ve released the Meta-Guides and are continually working on the Bull Run 3D level assets and Necrodemic assets. Furthermore, we have completed the iOS Build for Bull Run. We may also have something cooking for Bullieversary #2…

Growth and Partnerships

This month, we solidified a partnership with a player acquisition partner, setting the stage for a campaign that poses to bring thousands of new players to Necrodemic and the Bullieverse ecosystem. We also have a new web3 game partner on board for cross-promotion and community activations.

That’s it for this month’s Bullieverse Bulletin. We’re looking forward to bringing you more updates, developments, and growth next month. As always, thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. It’s you, our community, who make the Bullieverse truly special!

About Bullieverse

Bullieverse is a Web3 Native Entertainment brand with omnichannel experiences like Gaming, AR/VR, and dope art, with an ever-expanding gaming ecosystem where members of the community can play various games built on Unreal Engine alone, with friends, or against others in PvP to win incredible prizes and NFT rewards.

Two titles are live currently, Bearhunt and Necrodemic — A free-to-play multiplayer survival game built on the Unreal engine 5.1. Currently in beta testing with 3000 participants.

Our new mobile casual game — “Bull Run” is currently in production.

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