Beary’s Boot Camp — 30th Sep 2022

The Great Bear Hunt was a bloodbath: many a Bull martyred, taking many a Bear down with them! A dark chapter in the lives of the Bulls. Verity Village stands desolate, waiting for us. And reclaim it we shall. Not so soon, however, it would seem! The winds of a fouler fate brush our doors once more.

While the bears we forced into hibernation sleep, the bears that were slain in The Great Bear Hunt… don’t. They rise from the dead. Each one of the hundreds, thousands, or even millions of bears that were killed in the war.

As we speak, our world is starting to flippen. The war is no longer between the Bears and the Bulls. It is now between the living and the (un)dead. Powerful as we Bulls are, the numbers paint a rather somber picture. We stand heavily outnumbered as dead Bear after dead Bear awakens, cutting short their eternal sleep. As we bolster our forces, our strategy has taken a radical turn: We must awaken the captive bears and send them to Beary’s Boot Camp to train. Once trained, they will join alongside us to battle the army of the undead… hopefully, before it is too late.

A point of essential importance is that each captive bear must hibernate for a minimum of 30 days. This is to purge them of the virus that exists within them.

While we will not force you to send bears to Boot Camp, there is many a perk and much power to gain that will fortify the cause of the Bulliever Army. We will need every one of you! We hope to see you at Beary’s.


  • The revelation of a New Token: The $CuraBULL token! Works similar to the RBull token. Contains locked $Bull tokens — vests for 12 months.
  • Earn 1000 $CuraBull tokens per Bear staked for 3 months.
  • Limited Edition Wearables and Cosmetics designed to suit your Bear
  • Raffle Tickets to win big
  • Entry Tickets to the Premium Competition
  • Limited Edition Perks and In-game powerups.

If you are hibernating your Bears, you don't need to wake them up. Continue to Hibernate and enter Beary’s BootCamp on the 30th Sep.

About Bullieverse

Bullieverse is an Open Metaverse where NFTs come to life through an immersive gaming experience built on the Unreal engine. This ecosystem is rapidly expanding, with new players joining the community and new games being created with in-game assets & fair incentives aligned alongside Web3 ethos. Through Bullieverse DAO, Bullieverse will progressively decentralize to become a community-owned metaverse governed by the $Bull token holders.

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Bullieverse is an Open Metaverse where NFTs come to life through an immersive gaming experience built on Unreal engine. (