Bear Hunt FAQs

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  1. What is Bear Hunt?

The bears attacked in the middle of the night and occupied Verity Village. Now, they march towards the Capitol City expecting a similar result. It is time to show them how wrong they are in their assumption. Pick up your weapons, and take part in the historic battle to drive the invading bears out!

Bear Hunt is the first game in the Bullieverse. This is initially a single-player objective-based game where the winners will be rewarded with a Bear NFT. This is a game where the Bulls fight the Bears with special weapons.

The Bear hunt game has several levels that the Bulls need to fight their way through. The Bulls will need to defeat the bears that protect the outposts to get to the next level. The game gets progressively more complex through the levels, with the final level having the Boss Bear that the Bulls need to defeat to win the game.

Winning the game will enable you to mint your Bear NFT!

2. How do I get started?

Initially, you will need to own a COBI Bull NFT. You can buy that on Opensea

You will then need to register for an account at (and connect the wallet where you hold your COBI Bull NFT) and download the game. You will not be able to download the game if you don’t connect the wallet with the Bull NFT.

Right-click the downloaded Bear Hunt file and extract the zipped folder. Once you click on the Bear Hunt Application, the game will launch and you will be asked to sign in (using your Bullieverse account details). Please familiarize yourself with the settings at this point before you start the game. Keyboard controls will be displayed once you start the game.

You are now ready to hunt some bears, good luck!!

3. Once I beat the Boss Bear, how do I claim my Bear NFT?

The Bear NFT is a randomly generated NFT (using Chainlink technology) on the Ethereum blockchain. Essentially, the Bear NFT you mint can have the possibility of being a high rarity bear, even if you have a low rarity bull. Upon completion of defeating the Boss Bear, you will be able to view your unique Bear NFT in your Bullieverse account and it will become available for minting after approximately 24 hours. You do not have to mint immediately, enabling you to mint when gas prices are low. You can mint several Bear NFTs at once to further reduce gas costs.

The steps to claim bears are detailed here

If you hold several bulls, you will need to complete the game with each bull to claim a Bear NFT.

Once minted, you will need to Hibernate your Bear (being minted is a very tiring event for a Bear NFT and the Bear needs to rest so that it is strong enough to roam the Bullieverse). Hibernation takes 30 days and during this period, the sleeping Bear NFT will gain all the characteristics required to be a fully playable 3D asset in the Bullieverse.

The Bear NFTs are not linked to the Bull NFTs, they will be independent playable assets in the Bullieverse and can be traded in our marketplace or staked in the pool.

4. Which network will I need to use for the Bear NFT claim?

You will need to use the Ethereum blockchain to claim your Bear NFT. There is a 90-day limit to claim your Bear NFTs, which means you can wait for gas to be low to claim. You will also be able to claim multiple bears in 1 transaction to further save gas fees.

5. What is the point of hibernation?

Hibernation allows your bear NFT to become inhabitants of Bulliever island and will allow bear holders to play future games on the platform.

If you do not hibernate one of your bears, that bear will not have the ability to transform into a 3D character. Hibernating provides users with the ability to unlock their bears’ 3D avatars.

6. Is Bear Hunt Play And Earn?

The first release will be for Citizens to hunt and fight the Boss Bear to claim their Bear NFT. There will be no token rewards in this initial stage. The Play And Earn mechanism will be available once the Leaderboard competition is launched (available very soon after the initial launch on May 27).

7. Will I be able to sell my bears?

Yes, you will be able to sell your bear NFT’s on Opensea or any other NFT marketplace.

8. Can I rent my Bulls out?

Not yet, this is coming very soon along with the Leaderboard and Marketplace.

You will be able to Stake your Bulls in a pool, these will be rented out sequentially (so each Bull gets played). Bulls with unclaimed Bear NFTs will be given priority in the renting marketplace. $BULL token rewards will be awarded to the player and Bear NFT will be awarded and claimable by the Bull owner. As the Bulls are pooled, there will be periodic awards of $BULL to COBI Bull stakers. These awards will come from the proceeds of the event and competition fees. To begin with, the rewards may seem low but as we grow the rewards for pooling your Bulls will also grow.

9. What is the Leaderboard?

The leaderboard competition is still under development, but this will be where Bear Hunt players can compete for prizes and rewards by playing the Bear Hunt game. Players that rank the highest on the leaderboard by obtaining the highest score will win the biggest and best prizes, but these prizes are to remain a surprise until the launch of the leaderboard competition.

Upon launch of the leaderboard, players will be able to experience the play-and-earn aspect of the Bear Hunt game. Coins collected in-game, time bonuses, and damage taken will all have an impact on the final score a player achieves, but some elements to determine a player’s final score will remain a secret as well until the full launch of the leaderboard.

10. What is the Marketplace?

The marketplace will be an application where users can buy, sell or rent assets created on Bullieverse. A few examples of these assets are the Bull NFT’s, Bear NFTs, quad bikes, Inferno Weapon, plus any future assets created on the platform. The marketplace will be a one-stop shop to fulfill all your needs of any Bullieverse assets.

11. The Bear Hunt game is too difficult, where can I find help to beat the game?

Every Friday NF_Tcaff hosts gameplay streams on the Bullieverse twitch page, which can be found at On average, there are 2 streams each Friday with one being roughly between 1–2 pm ET, and the other being roughly between 8–9 pm ET. These streams highlight the amazing gameplay of the Bear Hunt game as NF_Tcaff is one of the best hunters out there. If you are unavailable for the twitch streams on Friday, be sure to check out the Bulliverse Twitter and Discord to ask for help among the community members, don’t be shy to ask for help!

Hibernation FAQ’s

12. How do I hibernate my bear?

After beating the Bear Hunt game, you will want to head over to and log in with your Bullieverse account info. After, head to the “Claim Bears” tab and select the bear you want to hibernate in “My Bears”. Click on the bear you want to hibernate, then sign the transaction to hibernate your bear.

Step by step guide on hibernation is available here

13. How long do I have to hibernate a bear for?

In order to receive the full benefits of hibernating your bear, you should hibernate it for 30 days.

14. What are the benefits of hibernating my bears?

After the 30 days of hibernation is complete, you will gain access to a fully rendered 3D character model to use in the Bullieverse ecosystem!

15. Will I lose my current hibernation days if I stop hibernating my bear?

No, you can restart hibernation from where you left it off.

16. If someone buys my un-hibernated bear without reaching the 30-day threshold, will they start from where the bear left off?

Yes, they will be able to start from where you left it off.

17. After the 3D model of my bear NFT is unlocked, will it be shown on Opensea?

Similar to the Bull NFTs, Opensea will only show the 2D PFP of the bears even after their 3D models are unlocked.

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